Thomas Lee

Thomas is a second-year double-degree student in Law and Global Affairs. Formerly from the 23rd Division of the Singapore Artillery, he had witnessed the ups and downs of the military justice system. It often puzzles him how most servicemen know little about the most basic aspects of the military law until they are staring in the face of a charge. Thomas believes that students can play an active role to keep informed of the every-changing role of military law, to help those serving know more about their rights and the system itself.


Thomas is the incumbent Head of the MJP.

Joel Sherard Chow

Joel is a Year 2 student at the NUS Faculty of Law. He previously served as a Platoon Sergeant in 9SIR, a protection of key installations battalion, where he learned about military law and the SAF Disciplinary System.


Joel is the Vice-Head of the MJP.

Shirin Chew

Shirin is a second year Yale-NUS and Law Double Degree Program student who enjoys exploring the intersection between law and the humanities. She believes that gender does not limit one's interests or capcity to contribute and encourages fellow women to take up interest in military related issues. Shirin also hopes to learn more about NS to understand the journey her 3 brothers will go through.


Shirin is currently in-charge of MJP's Outreach wing.

Wee Jin-wen

Jin-wen is a Year 2 student at the NUS Faculty of Law. Despite not having military experience, she joined the Military Justice Project out of a passion to serve others. She is enthusiastic about spreading awareness about military law and the provision of legal aid to those who need it the most.


Jin-wen is currently in-charge of MJP's Outreach wing.

Louis Lai

Louis is a Year 2 student at the NUS Faculty of Law. He had served as an Officer for both an Infantry and Artillery Unit, liaising between them as an NSF. Similarly, Louis hopes to bridge the interests of fellow servicemen and the Military’s legal system through MJP - for instance, by drafting a guidebook for Defending Officers.


Louis is currently in-charge of MJP's DO Guidebook division.

Sathya Kumar

Sathya is a Year 2 student at the NUS Faculty of Law. He takes great interest in developments within the military legal system. Having served his National Service at the Detention Barracks, he had the oppportunity to interact with detainees and witness court martials which exposed him to some of its fundamental flaws, among them the detainees' lack of awareness of military law and the difficulties defending officers face in defending servicemen. In joining MJP, he hopes to raise awareness of the military legal system amongst the public, educate servicemen about the system and their rights and assist defending officers where possible.


Sathya is currently in-charge of MJP's military law Headnotes division.

Hansel Konstantin Tantohari

Hansel is a sophomore in the double-degree-programme in Law and Liberal Arts at Yale-NUS. A Bionix commander and operations specialist in the 40th Singapore Armoured Regiment, he believes strongly that servicemen should know their rights and that the current legal information asymmetry only serves to undermine our National Service system. Together with the MJP team, he aims to improve accessibility and understandability of Military Law.


Hansel currently heads the Events division of MJP.

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